Private Tours in Rome

Private Tours in Rome

Contact me and we will design together an unforgettable tour in Rome!

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I have developed a long-lasting experience with the management of tourists, with a
special attention to customer care and logistics.  I’m a Tour Guide based in Rome and a Tour Leader (Italy and Europe).

I have worked several years in the Vatican Museums and Colosseum and those are contexts where – due to many factors, like the size of the venue, the incredible affluence, and the number of things to see – the attention to the details is crucial.

I learned how to understand, foresee and fulfill the necessities of the groups, and of the individuals.

I know how to address different types of tourists, with their peculiar needs and interests, and my goal is to create a complete, stress-free experience for everyone and tailor-made products.

Choose to be different with a local Tour Guide!

Are you ready?

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